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Ardour 6 Open Source DAW Brings Numerous Improvements

Ardor 6 Open Source DAW

Ardor 6 new version is here, the open-source DAW that adds significant improvements to its architecture, maintaining an appearance very similar to the previous version, but full of development in its algorithms.

The main new feature is the latency compensation at all stages of signal flow, including buses, tracks, plugins, sends, inserts, and returns. This is accompanied by a new global varispeed system, which promises a high-quality resampling engine that makes Ardor code simpler and improves the audio outputs of MIDI tracks and promises to radically optimize the audio engine for the future releases.

Ardor 6 now offers the ability to configure any combination of monitoring, including input or disk signals, or both at the same time. You can now also record from any position in the signal flow of any channel, allowing you to record processed audio with effects for a given chain, depending on where the recording module is located.

Other new features include a new grid layout, improved workflow for MIDI editing and handling and velocity display, new plugin instance management system and its organization with metadata tags, new Latch automation mode, support for importing / export MP3, FLAC recording, new improved virtual MIDI keyboard with several options for assigning to the computer keyboard, among other improvements.

Ardor 6 is available for free right now to download on Windows, macOS, and Linux. If you want you can contribute and sponsor this project and support its future developments with subscriptions from $1 to $50. For Linux users, Ardor is exactly what it takes to produce music. Although many plugins for Linux are missing, we hope that this will change in the near future.

More information // Ardor 6

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