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99beats.com: Best Marketplace Where To Buy Exclusive Beats

99 Beats - Buy Exclusive Beats For Sale

The 99 Beats website is a crucial resource for musicians looking to differentiate their sound in the competitive realms of Hip-Hop, Rap, Trap, Drill, R&B, and Pop music. With its unique selling propositions, including unlimited rights and the promise of 100% royalty retention for artists, 99beats.com is poised to impact the music industry significantly.

Exclusive Rights and Royalty Freedom

One of the standout features of 99beats.com is that it offers exclusive rights to purchasers, allowing unlimited use of purchased beats across various mediums without territorial limitations. This includes applications in songs, EPs, albums, demos, live performances, and even broader media such as radio, television, and films.

Moreover, the platform emphasizes the importance of artists retaining full financial control over their creations by enabling them to keep 100% of the revenue generated from streaming platforms, physical sales, and other distribution channels.

Behind the Beats: The Team

A diverse and talented team of music producers and beatmakers underpins the success of 99beats.com. Each member contributes unique expertise and creative flair, ensuring the platform’s beat library is high-quality and varied.

This collective of musical talents is dedicated to offering beats that meet current music production trends and push creative boundaries, providing fresh and innovative sounds to the platform’s clientele.

Customization: Tailoring Beats to Artist Needs

Recognizing artists’ diverse needs and creative visions, 99beats.com also offers services for custom beat production. This personalized approach ensures that artists can collaborate with the platform’s producers to create beats that align perfectly with their specific style, genre preferences, and emotional intent.

Such a service allows artists to achieve more originality and personalization in their music projects.

Implications for the Music Industry

By providing exclusive beats with extensive rights and ensuring artists retain full royalties, the platform addresses significant challenges musicians face in the digital age, including copyright restrictions and revenue sharing with producers or record labels.

How to Buy Beats from 99beats.com

  1. Browse the Beat Library: Explore the vast selection of beats available. You can filter your search by genre, mood, and BPM to find the perfect beat for your project.
  2. Listen to Previews: Take advantage of the preview feature to listen to snippets of the beats. This will help you decide if a beat meets your needs before purchasing.
  3. Select Beat Licensing Options: Once you’ve chosen a beat, select the option that best suits your project’s needs. Exclusive beats include the beat in WAV format and the STEM files for further customization for those who need this.
  4. Add to Cart and Checkout: After selecting a licensing option, add the beat and proceed to checkout. You will likely need to provide personal and payment information to complete the purchase.
  5. Download Your Beat: Upon successful payment, you should receive a download link to the high-quality version of the beat, along with a digital contract or license agreement outlining your rights and restrictions.
  6. Start Creating: With the beat downloaded, you can incorporate it into your music project.

99beats.com enters the music industry with a compelling proposition for artists and content creators worldwide. By blending exclusive rights, financial autonomy, a diverse beat library, and personalized production services, the platform sets a new standard for music production marketplaces.

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